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Cape May Bed and Breakfast

Posted on: July 15th, 2010 by

Cape May Bed and Breakfast innkeeper/owner Archie Kirk was sitting on the porch the other day in a rocking chair, slightly exhausted from the many daily chores of an innkeeper.  I started to think about how blessed I was to be in the greatest resort town in the country, Cape May, NJ.  As the cool ocean breeze blew by I started to sink deeper into the chair relaxing more and more.  I started to reminisce about the first time I came to Cape May twenty years ago with my wife, Stephanie.  From the moment we drove into Cape May and spent our first night at a Cape May Bed and Breakfast we fell in love with this wonderful seaside resort by the sea.  What was so special about this place that kept us coming back for more?  Was it the charm of the Victorian architecture, the clip pity-clop of the horse and carriages going up and down the street, the beautiful Cape May beaches, or was it the many activities offered here for our enjoyment?  We loved it so much we purchased our first property several years ago and moved to Cape May year round about six years ago.  As a person who has vacationed here for many years I realized that the reason I love Cape May so much was because when I came here not only did I love the awesome beaches but I loved all of the activities that were offered here; the tours the history, the museums, the events like Sherlock Holmes Weekend and of course Victorian week with the dancing.  This was my escape from reality.  This was the place I could come to when I needed to relax.  This was my Disney World in New Jersey.  As Stephanie and I traveled to other resort destinations throughout the East Coast we realized more and more that there is no place like home.  There is no place like Cape May, NJ.  What is the difference?  The difference is that none of these other towns have all of the year round activities that Cape May has to offer.  The MAC (Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts) sponsored events that distinguish Cape May, NJ from the other seaside resorts.

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