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Maximize Your Resources as an Innkeeper

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by

As a Bed and Breakfast innkeeper/owner, one needs to maximize your resources by continually looking for ways to save money.  Now I am sure you probably have a cell phone.  I have found that the difference between carriers all comes down to service and availability.  When your phone is as important a tool to you as it is for me; you need to know that it will work when called upon.  The cost is definitely a factor but for me something that really bothers me is this contract thing.  If your service, price and products are good; why do you need me to sign a contract.  If you are the best of the best, I will not want to leave you.  This requires your company to put up or shut up.  I have recently come across a new company called Solavei.  I love their concept or business model.  Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising they are using the best form of advertising- which is word of mouth.  I know the business I get from my happy customers telling others of what a GREAT time they had in Cape May, NJ is priceless.  You can’t get enough of that type of advertising.  That is why I am very interested in Solavei and their program which includes unlimited voice, text and data on a nationwide 4G network for only $49 per month.  I am saving over $75 per month.  That is $900 a year.  Even if you have an early termination fee the $900 more than makes up for that.  My biggest concern is obviously coverage in Cape May, NJ.  So far I haven’t had any trouble with service and no one knows I am using another service.  Now the really cool part of this besides saving $900 a year, is the reward program that gives me money back.  That’s what I call maximizing your resources.

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