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Cape May Bed and Breakfast

Maximize Your Resources as an Innkeeper

As a Bed and Breakfast innkeeper/owner, one needs to maximize your resources by continually looking for ways to save money.  Now I am sure you probably have a cell phone.  I have found that the difference between carriers all comes down to service and availability.  When your phone is as important a tool to you as it is for me; you need to know that it will work when called upon.  The cost is definitely a factor but for me something that really bothers me is this contract thing.  If your service, price and products are good; why do you need me to sign a contract.  If you are the best of the best, I will not want to leave you.  This requires your company to put up or shut up.  I have recently come across a new company called Solavei.  I love their concept or business model.  Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising they are using the best form of advertising- which is word of mouth.  I know the business I get from my happy customers telling others of what a GREAT time they had in Cape May, NJ is priceless.  You can’t get enough of that type of advertising.  That is why I am very interested in Solavei and their program which includes unlimited voice, text and data on a nationwide 4G network for only $49 per month.  I am saving over $75 per month.  That is $900 a year.  Even if you have an early termination fee the $900 more than makes up for that.  My biggest concern is obviously coverage in Cape May, NJ.  So far I haven’t had any trouble with service and no one knows I am using another service.  Now the really cool part of this besides saving $900 a year, is the reward program that gives me money back.  That’s what I call maximizing your resources.

Cape May Survived Huricane Irene

Cape May, New Jersey and it’s Bed and Breakfasts survived Hurricane Irene.  As usual the weather folks got this one wrong.  Don’t get me wrong, we complied and evacuated as requested but how many times can you cry wolf before one starts to ignore the warnings?  I am thankful that we have a Cape May to come back to.  If the weather folks were correct in their prediction,  I think Cape May would have been wiped off the map; so I am glad they were wrong again.  It was quite an interesting week for me.  Starting with the calls to cancel reservations for the upcoming storm and at this point I didn’t even know anything about it’s pending arrival.  It is very frustrating for innkeepers here in town as we are constantly struggling with the poor predictions of the weather people.  I have to say as long as I have been here I think they have been wrong 100% of the time.  Well, maybe 99.99% of the time.  That doesn’t mean I would want anyone to put themselves in danger but when you are trying to survive in our business it really makes it difficult to overcome the poor predictions, even the routine everyday ones, when someone is telling folks it’s going to rain and it turns out to be a beautiful sunny day.  I kid around all the time with people.  I tell them, “It doesn’t rain in Cape May”.  Now in reality it does but very infrequently and definitely not even close to the amount of times they predict it will.   So the next time you want to know the weather in Cape May just call me and I’ll stick my head out the window and give you a much more accurate assessment of  the current conditions here in Cape May.  LOL

Great Lunch Spot in Cape May NJ

Yesterday I decided to have lunch at Zoe’s Beachfront Eatery located at 715 Beach Ave.  I was in the mood for something different when I came across the OOEY GOOEY GRILLED CHEESE on Texas Toast and loaded with cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes and bacon. (I left the bacon out)  OMG was this sandwich unbelievably good.  The name definitely describes this glorious piece of work and it is definitely one of my favorites.  Enjoy!!

Wine and Spirits in Cape May

Cape May’s Bed & Breakfasts will be hosting two unique weekends featuring two things the area is now famous for: Wine and Ghosts. America’s oldest seaside resort is now catering to the wine loving and ghost hunting crowds. Nine B&Bs have teamed up with author and medium Craig McManus, Cape May’s resident ghost expert, to create two spirited weekends featuring a winery tour, a walking ghost tour, and a “Wine & SPIRITS” dinner, lecture, and tasting. Guests will have the opportunity to sharpen their palates and open their minds during these one-of-a-kind weekend events on April 1-2 and April 15-16, 2011. 

Long known for its vintage architecture, wine lovers are discovering another “vintage” part of Cape May. The great vineyard sites and the excellent wines being produced on the peninsula are starting to attract the attention of oenophiles near and far. For wine enthusiasts who also love the idea of haunted houses, Cape May is the best of both worlds. It is now considered a paranormal hotspot, and many of the event’s B&Bs have ghosts of their very own. Explore the sunny vineyards by day and the dark, haunted streets by night. Wine & SPIRITS offers cork-popping, heart-stopping, educational weekends of fun in the sun, and bumps in the night! 

A meet and greet and ghost tour will be hosted by Craig McManus on Friday night. The one-hour walking tour will highlight some of the more interesting haunts featured in his four Ghosts of Cape May books. On Saturday afternoon, the group will visit one of Cape May’s wineries for a tour and tasting, returning to the Mad Batter Saturday evening for dinner. After dinner, McManus, a 30-year veteran of the wine business will present “Wine & SPIRITS”, a lecture and tasting that combines his two passions, wine and ghosts. McManus calls it “where BOOs meet booze.”

Craig McManus, The Cape May Ghost Writer

It’s getting close to Halloween, autumn arrives this week, and the seasons have already begun to change.  Craig McManus the Cape May Ghost writer has some great events lined up this October in Cape May, NJ.  Craig will be doing a ghost tour and book signing on Saturday, October 9th between 7 and 10 PM at Kaleidoscope.  What used to be “main street”, from Victorian days until the early 1970’s, is now a pedestrian mall with shops, stores and restaurants.  After his book signing 7 – 8:30 PM he will be leading the group on a private tour of the mall.  He will share with the group the many paranormal activities he has uncovered.

NJ “Run For The Fallen” starts in Cape May, NJ

According to a story written by MC1(AW) Elizabeth Burke, Master Sergeant Bubba  G. V. Beason, of McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, is the 305th Maintenance Squadron, 305th Air Mobility Wing, Air Mobility Command’s 2010 nominee for the Spirit of Hope Award.  While on vacation he came up with an idea to honor the fallen servicemen and women from New Jersey in OIF/OEF.  He contacted Judy Tapper, mother of David Tapper, a Navy SEAL who was killed in Afghanistan in 2003 and is now the New Jersey President of Gold Star Moms with his idea.  Master Sergeant Beason organized a 140 mile run which starts in Cape May, New Jersey and finishes at the Veteran’s Memorial in Holmdel, New Jersey.  The run was started in 2009 and will continue its mission with another run starting September 25th   from the Cape May Lighthouse and will cover 140 miles before finishing at the NJ Vietnam Memorial in Holmdel the following day.  The runners will mark every mile of their journey with an American flag and a personalized biographical card in honor of every fallen service member.  The runners are comprised of active duty and reserve Airmen and Soldiers from McGuire Air force Base and Ft. Dix, NJ.   For more information visit .

Cape May All Year Round

Many people may think that Cape May is just like any other shore town.  Open for the summer months but nothing happening the rest of the year.  That is not true.  Cape May has events happening all year long.  Not only can you have your normal summer time fun in the sun on our awesome beaches but you have activities keeping you busy at least 9 months out of the year if not all year long.  This is largely due to the MAC (Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts and Humanities) sponsored events that keep Cape May, NJ one of the busiest shore towns in existence.  I remember when Stephanie asked me if I wanted to go to Cape May in the fall-winter months and I said like most others would say, “What is there to do at the shore in the winter?”  Well I have learned that there is a lot to do here all year round.  The MAC sponsored events like Spring Festival, Music Festival, Sherlock Holmes Weekend, Victorian Weekend, and of course the famous Candlelight tours at Christmas time can have you busy in Cape May for most of the year.  No matter when you are looking to get away, there is a good chance something is going on in Cape May.  If you would like more information on these awesome events visit the MAC web site at .

Cape May Bed and Breakfast

Cape May Bed and Breakfast innkeeper/owner Archie Kirk was sitting on the porch the other day in a rocking chair, slightly exhausted from the many daily chores of an innkeeper.  I started to think about how blessed I was to be in the greatest resort town in the country, Cape May, NJ.  As the cool ocean breeze blew by I started to sink deeper into the chair relaxing more and more.  I started to reminisce about the first time I came to Cape May twenty years ago with my wife, Stephanie.  From the moment we drove into Cape May and spent our first night at a Cape May Bed and Breakfast we fell in love with this wonderful seaside resort by the sea.  What was so special about this place that kept us coming back for more?  Was it the charm of the Victorian architecture, the clip pity-clop of the horse and carriages going up and down the street, the beautiful Cape May beaches, or was it the many activities offered here for our enjoyment?  We loved it so much we purchased our first property several years ago and moved to Cape May year round about six years ago.  As a person who has vacationed here for many years I realized that the reason I love Cape May so much was because when I came here not only did I love the awesome beaches but I loved all of the activities that were offered here; the tours the history, the museums, the events like Sherlock Holmes Weekend and of course Victorian week with the dancing.  This was my escape from reality.  This was the place I could come to when I needed to relax.  This was my Disney World in New Jersey.  As Stephanie and I traveled to other resort destinations throughout the East Coast we realized more and more that there is no place like home.  There is no place like Cape May, NJ.  What is the difference?  The difference is that none of these other towns have all of the year round activities that Cape May has to offer.  The MAC (Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts) sponsored events that distinguish Cape May, NJ from the other seaside resorts.

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